Durmaz Pty Ltd has an extensive supplier base located throughout China, Vietnam & India.

With our reputable manufacturing partners we are capable of sourcing specific products for your business.

Whether it be supplying an exclusive item for your organisation or simply supplying one of our existing items with your specific packaging/design requirements, we can do it.

Durmaz offers a cost effective and efficient supply chain solution to any business. We can deliver a specific product that meets all your requirements direct from the overseas factory floor to your premises in Australia.

Simply give us your sample or product idea and with our extensive overseas supplier base, we can source and supply you exclusively your product with your specific requirements relating to;

  • Packaging and artwork
  • Colours
  • Barcodes
  • Carton and inner packing with your own shipping mark on cartons
  • Pack sizes etc.

The products that we can source are not only limited to items sold within the discount variety industry; we can basically source and supply any type of product for most types of industries.

We have multiple containers leaving China on a weekly basis. This provides us with the great flexibility of being able to load your specifically manufactured /packaged item into any of these containers thus ensuring we get your product into your premises in both an efficient and cost effective manner.

Feel free to contact us with your specific requirements, you will be surprised at what we can offer. We pride ourselves on ensuring that you will be totally satisfied with the end product. Our aim is to make the whole experience HASSLE FREE & GIVING YOU PEACE OF MIND

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